How to choose kitchen color scheme?

How to choose kitchen color scheme?

Scientists have proved in practice, что определенная цветовая гамма влияет на поведение человека. Consider it costs, Order manufacturing of custom-made kitchen. When choosing the color of the future Headset, We need to take into account the light and the size of the room, style furniture and the, it will be combined with other home furniture.

Color kitchen and room lighting

Can buy kitchen in Gomel, You can order it custom. Whatever you choose, you still have to do the selection of colors of furniture. And the illumination of the room plays an important role in this process. If the kitchen is located on the north side, т.е. in it hardly gets light, it makes sense to buy cabinets, made in light colors. Blue, cream, beige and other colors perfectly reflect the sun's rays and light filled kitchen.

room, located on the south side, как правило, sunlight is not deprived. So in these rooms you can safely experiment with colors and use them for decoration, not only delicate shades, and bright contrasting blue, purple and even black. Glossy and metallic facades look very impressive in the kitchen headset, but there is one "but": they require careful care of themselves and they often smudge.

Another factor, that is affected by room lighting - heating. logically, that the kitchen on the south side warmed up several times stronger, than the northern premises. To cope with this problem will help to "cool" shades. They create a sense of coolness in the room. For rooms, where the temperature is always slightly lower, than in the whole house, it is recommended to use the "warm" colors. Kitchen sets no exception. Orange, yellow and red colors bring the room the desired warmth and comfort.

Color kitchen and room space

The debate on this issue does not subside until now. Somebody think, that area of ​​the room you can not pay attention, and while others fanatically comply with the notorious rule that, that in small rooms the furniture should be light. truth, as always, It is in the middle. Да, light colors visually enhance the area of ​​the rooms. lime, blue and other colors of this range will be able to make the kitchen larger and more. Однако, this problem will be able to handle and mirror facades. They can be something absolutely any color. To enhance the effect can be set to mirror the kitchen apron.

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