Stairs on the metal

Stairs on the metal

The use of home interior stairs on a metal frame is gaining popularity. Stairs on the metal there are several types, but they all have certain advantages. Ladders of this type are lighter unlike concrete stairways. In addition, they do not creak and do not deform over time in service, as it can occur in a wooden ladder. And the humidity is not afraid of such a product.

This product is a carrier metal base, on which are mounted stage. Order the stairs on a metal frame with steps can be made of various materials, and themselves metal stringers of different design variations. Home Stairs on the metal can be done on the basis of one, two, three carrying beams, and can also be of the screw type.

Material stages strips

The most common material for steps straps stands wood, but if desired it can be plastic or granite slabs. Modern technologies allow to perform even steps out of glass materials.

Stairs on the metal monokosoure

Such construction represents single carrier beam, which is staggering. It is also based on the attached metal supports for each step. Order the ladder can be a, where the main bar is located in the middle of the stairs or closer to the outer edge, but in this case, an additional step is attached to the adjacent wall. As the metal beams often take a steel profile pipes, staircase to design a robust and wear-resistant.

Stairs to two metal kosour

The frame is represented in the form of two metal beams, parallel. Between the beams the distance a little less length steps. Another variation of the frame on two main beams is presented in the form of stringers, which repeat steps steps. At each step of curly metal beams staggering strips.

Stairs to three beams of metal

Often, three beams are used, when it is necessary to build a broad flight of stairs. Mounting frame is made on the basis of fundamentals dvuhkosournyh, but with the participation of the middle third kosoura.

Stairs on the screw type

This design saves space living. External staircase on the metal screw-type looks very aesthetically pleasing and unusual. Order the ladder can be on a special website or specialty store.

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