Disorders in Pregnancy

The tendency to form blood clots organism leads to the development of thrombophlebitis. This disease can be as a result of genetic predisposition, and the phenomenon of violation of a physiological nature. Manifested disease in different cases in different ways, there - hidden flows. However, factors such as surgical intervention, Immobilization of limbs and pregnancy, serve as the impetus for its development in the active form.

Types of thrombophlebitis

Thrombophlebitis in pregnancy The disease is acquired and hereditary, and it can be divided into hematogenous, vascular and hemodynamic way.

Зачастую, hereditary thrombophlebitis in pregnancy It appears for the first time. This is due to, that "interesting situation" becomes the basis of the third circulation - placental, which has a number of distinctive features. The placenta has no capillaries, and because blood gets directly into the placenta, getting into the cord. The third round is distinctive as the, it has a high level of coagulation, so, risk of blood clots is increased in times. Respectively, such a state is the root cause of thrombus formation, causing fetal hypoxia. As a consequence, can develop placental abruption, placental insufficiency steel, various vices, etc..

Terrible disease, not only during pregnancy, but also in its development in the future. In particular, very dangerous acute thrombophlebitis, which manifests itself by a sharp pain along the affected vein blood flow. The skin is a different color - cyanotic, with mesh, from blood vessels. There is a rise in temperature, the affected area becomes cold.

acute thrombophlebitisIf time does not see a doctor, disease quickly "to present a" complication, a gangrenous or ischemic thrombophlebitis, which differ enhanced pain, with growing, minutely, otekom.

Delays in treatment - severe consequences

Usually, if a person is not timely appealed for help to the doctor, develop appropriate consequences. In particular, as a kind of chronic venous insufficiency, develops PTS lower extremities, manifestation, which it is able to, in which develops slowly ulceration with disability.

PTS lower extremities is difficult to treat and is considered a serious pathology in patients with severe trophic disorders of the skin manifestations of swelling and varicose veins.

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